Moses Montgomery

Welcome to Moses Montgomery's corner of the World Wide Web.

Moses Montgomery is an artist, writer, and printmaker from Fayetteville, AR. They're currently based in Lawrence, KS.



Moses Montgomery makes art, or at least that's what they tell the IRS. Sometimes that art is just keeping a watercolor painting submerged in water for months at a time.



Moses Montgomery's writing has shocked, humiliated, and delighted many people. Most of those people were exposed to Moses Montgomery's writing through The Gurge, which is a weekly newspaper written, edited, folded, illustrated, printed, typeset, designed, distributed, advertised, and thoroughly enjoyed by Moses Montgomery.



Moses Montgomery is also a printmaker, and they have proof in the form of a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art (Printmaking Emphasis) with a minor in Philosophy from none other than the University of Arkansas. They are currently a candidate for their MFA at the University of Kansas, sans "Ar." They have made some beautiful prints and artist books in their time, and they take a special interest in gelatin-plate watercolor monotypes.